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Humanitarian Efforts

Humanitarian Efforts

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Dr. Heffelfinger and Dr. Krein take pride and great joy in the results they provide for their patients. The positive changes and increased self-esteem their clients experience is truly gratifying. At the same time, they realize the gift they have is a precious one, and they seek to share their services with those in need of that gift who may not be able to afford it otherwise.

They give back to the world in a very special way. Dr. Heffelfinger is one of five surgeons who share his cosmetic surgery skills regularly at the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute and Surgery Program (CRISP). Dr. Krein works with the World Pediatric Project bringing advanced medical care for children to areas of the world that otherwise does not exist.
Dr. Heffelfinger Juigalpa Nicaragua with members of CRISP and Futuro de Nicaragua
Ryan Heffelfinger and Candace Waters, ENT 2018 graduate fixing a cleft palate  of a child during a Mission trip to Bluefields, Guatemala. The Mission was a joint program between CRISP and Futuro de Nicaragua.

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