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I am very pleased with Dr. Krein’s work. I had a lot wrong with my nose after it being broken from softball. Dr. Krein performed a septoplasty & rhinoplasty, as well as nasal valve repair. I have never breathed so well in my life!

And my nose looks so much smaller and straighter than before. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in his practice, and he also has a great sense of humor! I would recommend Dr. Krein to anyone and everyone.Kellilyn Sharkey


Dr. Heffelfinger was awesome throughout the entire experience and did an amazing job with helping me be able to breath again. I would highly recommend him to anyone!Z.L.


Dr. Krein made me feel very comfortable throughout the procedure and I am beyond happy with the results. I feel more confident than ever. Thank you Dr. Krein for making a difference in my life!Julia M.


Dr. Heffelfinger and his team took the time to listen to my concerns and to really get to know me and what I wanted from my visit. They made me feel comfortable and addressed all of my questions professionally, with complete answers. I walked away looking and feeling better than I have in ages!L.C.


Dr. Krein and his entire team did a phenomenal job throughout my experience with them. For the past 10 years I’ve had severe sinus and nasal breathing issues stemming from a nasal fracture that never healed properly. His team took care of me and the procedure really changed my life!Daniel S.


My dermatologist referred me to Dr. Heffelfinger after a Moh’s procedure on the left side of my nose. Dr Heffelfinger performed the closure (about the size of a penny). From the first visit I felt comfortable and confident. The results are astounding. Very pleased.Louise M.


Dr Krein always goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. He is kind and patient. I couldn’t image being treated by anyone else!Jamie R


Dr. Ryan Heffelfinger is a Rockstar! He listened, He cared and now I am able to breathe again after 35 years of issues. He is funny as well and I really like that quality in a doctor!Nicole H.


If you are at all curious and hesitant about a procedure like I was, do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation with Dr Heffelfinger. You’ll instantly feel at ease, safe, and taken care of. Dr Heffelfinger and his entire team –from scheduling coordinators to his nurses to surgical residents - – are so kind, responsive, warm and caring. They made my experience at Jefferson Facial Plastics so much better than I could have imagined. I’m beyond happy with the results of my surgery, but more than that, I’m happy I trusted my gut in selecting this team for such an important operation. Thank you Dr. Heffelfinger and team!Alexandra G.


We traveled from Boston just to see Dr. Krein and we will be back!Stacy A.


Dr Heffelfinger created a younger me! I am so happy with the results. My experience with Dr Heffelfinger and the whole staff has been 5 star great!M.A.


Dr. Krein took the time to properly evaluate issues I have been experiencing and then made a life changing diagnosis. I went in for what I thought was a simple septum issue and he went beyond to repair years of trauma and anatomical issues with my nasal passages.D.L.


Dr Krein was excellent. He made me feel more comfortable from the initial explanation of the surgery to our post-op visit. He has a great sense of humor to make patients feel more at ease and relaxed. He was the third doctor I saw about getting this procedure and I’m glad I chose him. I can breathe better and would recommend him to anyone who is on the fence about getting surgery. He will help you make a great choice!Mark P.

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