There are a lot of perks associated with aging. Deep relationships, hard-won wisdom, and a kaleidoscope of memories serve as hallmarks of a life well-lived. But the roads we have traveled often make themselves known in the contours of our faces. Gravity can drag our faces downward over time, leading many to consider a brow lift later in life.

But what does a brow lift actually do, and what impact can it have on your appearance? 

Age and the Upper Face

As one grows older, skin tissue becomes thinner. This makes it easier to see the veins and bones beneath it, and shadows across the face may deepen. In the meantime, fat loss can cause the skin to sag, creating a look of heaviness. This is particularly apparent in the upper half of the face.

The result of these biological shifts frequently conveys sentiments that might not match the moment. Heavy eyelids may cause one to appear tired or disinterested. Folding skin across the brow may be misread as consternation. These effects do little to combat the perception of “grumpiness” with age.

The Impacts of a Brow Lift

A brow lift procedure is much like it sounds. A surgeon will take steps to lift the skin and tissue across the forehead or around the eyes in order to make the face appear more youthful. 

Though there are a variety of brow lift techniques available, the end goal remains the same:

  • Wrinkle minimization – The brow lift will tighten the skin across the forehead, diminishing the appearance of natural forehead lines. This provides a youthful look, with smoother skin.
  • Wider eyes – As the skin is tightened, the amount of skin surrounding your eyes is dialed back. This can combat the appearance of heavy, drooping eyelids, making you seem more alert.
  • More confident impression – For better or worse, society tends to equate age with frailty. The more youthful look delivered by a brow lift may not only make you seem more confident to those around you but help feel that way too!

Who Should Consider a Brow Lift

A brow lift can be an appropriate option for a wide number of potential patients, but its suitability is dependent on your health and cosmetic goals. The best way to achieve desirable results is to have an open, honest conversation with an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. Schedule a consultation online or call us at 215-503-FACE.

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