5 Reasons to Consider a Blepharoplasty

Our eyes are one of the first facial features that people notice. Unfortunately, they are also one of the first parts around our faces that show signs of aging. As you age, your body’s ability to hold the eyelid in place reduces, leading to droopy eyelids that impact your appearance and self-esteem.

If you are dealing with one or more issues related to drooping eyelids, consider a blepharoplasty procedure. At Jefferson Facial Plastics, we do eyelid surgical procedures to get rid of pesky under-eye bags and make you look more alert and awake.

What is a blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure performed to improve the appearance of the eyelids. It involves the removal of excess skin, muscle, and sometimes fat from the upper or lower eyelids. This procedure seeks to address droopy or sagging eyelids, reduce puffiness, and rejuvenate the area around the eyes.

Reasons to consider a blepharoplasty

A blepharoplasty treatment can be done for cosmetic reasons to improve appearance or for medical purposes to enhance vision. Here are some of the reasons to consider a blepharoplasty:

  • Baggy or droopy upper eyelids: With age, your eyelid skin stretches, and muscles weaken, with the fat under the eyes becoming more prominent. Ultimately, this results in eyes that look perpetually older, tired, bored, or uninterested. Upper blepharoplasty eliminates excess eyelid skin to give your face a more rested look. Lower lid blepharoplasty can also eliminate under-eye bags, leading to a more youthful and alert appearance.
  • Disappearing eyelid crease: If you are 50 and older, you may have noticed it is no longer as easy to put on makeup as it used to be. This is because all our hard work tends to get lost in the excess skin weighing down our eyelids. An upper blepharoplasty can recreate your eyelid crease to give your eyes a more prominent and wider appearance.
  • Obstructed vision: loose or sagging skin on the upper eyelid could droop to obscure your vision and affect your daily activities, such as driving. A blepharoplasty can help tighten sagging eyelids so you regain your full scope of vision.
  • Chronic watery eyes: sagging skin on the upper lid may also lead to chronic watery eyes. The weight of your drooping lid may press too low on the eye to create space for tears to gather and leak out. A blepharoplasty can be an effective treatment to resolve chronic watery eyes.
  • Dry eye syndrome: Dropping lower lid can also lead to chronic dry eyes that impact the optimal functioning of the eye. To correct this, your surgeon can tighten the underlying muscle around the eye and remove loose skin, resulting in a more youthful lower eyelid.


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