I wanted to write to you to give you some feedback about my experience in your department. I am presently a patient of Dr. Ryan Heffelfinger – and recently went through four CO2 laser treatments, I’m sure you already know that Dr. Heffelfinger is an outstanding physician who is truly excellent at what he does. I also want you to know that he really cares for — and takes great interest in his patients. I am really pleased with the results of his treatments on me. If in the future I decide to have any more cosmetic work done, I would only see Dr. Heffelfinger!

My first encounter with your department however, was through your Cosmetic Care Coordinator. I initially called Jefferson for some information about treatment of spider veins and I was lucky enough to reach him. The day that I spoke to him for the first time, I could hear phones ringing constantly, yet he never let on that he was busy. He was very calm, very informative and very friendly. He was willing to listen to my queries and guide me through the array of treatments that were available to me, while quieting any fears I expressed. It was only after talking to your coordinator that I knew I would only go to Jefferson for any treatments I might need. He was an incredible representative of your department and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital – and a “gem” of an employee.

I really think that your coordinator should be admired and recognized for the wonderful work he does and what a wonderful representative of Thomas Jefferson he really is. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful employee in your department.