Trying to get rid of stubborn hair growth for good can be a frustrating endeavor, not to mention time-consuming.

If you’re fed up with waxing and shaving, it’s time to consider permanent hair removal. Both IPL and laser hair removal have proven to be effective solutions for keeping hairless and smooth for longer periods of time. Both methods are quick and safe procedures, but there are a few reasons IPL trumps laser treatments.

What Does IPL Do?

IPL devices produce bursts of light that consist of a variety of colors. The lights work to kill hairs for good. The broad spectrum high-intensity light emits light at several wavelengths, which means IPL can cover a large patch of hair at a time.

Let’s take a look at why IPL is better than laser for hair removal.

Better Skin Health

IPL’s broad spectrum of wavelengths plays an important role in boosting the overall health of your skin. Since the wide spectrum can cover a larger area of your skin’s surface, it means treatment times are faster than laser. IPL tends to be more effective at treating larger areas, whereas lasers are better for localized hair removal.

Customized Hair Removal

Many IPL devices also offer VPL settings (Variable Pulsed Light). VPL continuously assesses your skin before each flash to ensure you get a customized treatment for your particular skin tone.

No Waiting Time

Unlike laser hair removal, you don’t have to wait for a regrowth to book an IPL treatment. So, you don’t need to worry about timing your treatments around important events or a generally busy schedule.

While you may feel slight sensations during an IPL treatment, it’s a lot less painful than other hair removal methods. The light beam works to stunt regrowth, which means as time passes, you’ll need less top-up sessions.

Thanks to IPL, you can finally do away with daily shaves and monthly waxes. Now, you can achieve long-term hair removal with no downtime and virtually pain-free.

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