If you’re concerned with the appearance or functioning of your nose, you’re not alone. Rhinoplasties, also known as nose jobs, are some of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the U.S. Today, we’re taking a look at just a few of the ways a rhinoplasty can fix your nose.

1. Repair of a Deviated Septum

The thin of cartilage running down the middle of the nose between the nostrils is called the septum. When this piece of cartilage is off-center or crooked, this is a deviated septum. Typically, deviation of the septum results from an injury such as a broken nose or a fracture but can also present itself at birth. A deviated septum can not only appear unsightly, but can also impede breathing. A rhinoplasty is one of the best procedures you can undergo to repair a deviated septum. Not only will the results look good, but you’ll be breathing better too!

2. The Size and Shape of Your Nose

A nose that is abnormally large can become the focus of unwanted attention resulting in a reduction of self-confidence. Additionally, a large or misshapen nose can draw attention away from other facial features. In order to gain a more balanced facial profile, many individuals seek a rhinoplasty to change the size and shape of the nose.

3. A Crooked Nose

Rhinoplasty can also be beneficial to fixing a crooked nose, which can be caused by trauma during birth or other injury. A crooked nose can also be the result of certain hereditary factors. While it can be a complex procedure to correct a crooked nose, which is typically accompanied by asymmetry, an experienced cosmetic surgeon will be able to reset the nasal bone through xaccompanying osteotomies to obtain a balance in the face.

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Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash