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Micro-needling has quickly become a popular treatment. But it’s one that’s often misrepresented and, often due to dramatic photos posted by celebrities on social media, has created a hesitancy. Even the common term, “vampire facials” is enough to invoke fear if you’re unfamiliar with the treatment.

That said, we thought we’d debunk 4 common misconceptions for you.

Myth: Vampire Facials Are Agony

This is not true at all. Certified providers apply medical-grade numbing cream before the procedure. That means you don’t experience any discomfort. At most, you’ll have some mild redness for the first 12 – 24 hours after your treatment, but it isn’t painful.

Myth: Micro-Needling is a Fad, It Doesn’t Do Much

As with any procedure, a certified provider can help you decide if a vampire facial is right for you. This is something that’s been around for decades and there are myriads of medical studies supporting its success. Vampire facials are amazing at improving the health and quality of your skin. They offer fast results, too, especially in terms of improved texture and volume.

Myth: There’s Blood Involved – It Has to Be Dangerous

Not at all. The procedure is not invasive at all. When the plasma is properly obtained and processed in a sterile centrifuge, there shouldn’t be any red blood cells, and therefore any red. That’s because plasma is completely yellow.

Myth: It Takes Too Long to Recover and I Need to Get Back to Work

This is not the case. You can expect your skin to glow right after treatment. Even texture improvement is noticeable immediately. At most, you’ll experience that mild redness we mentioned, but there’s minimal to no swelling whatsoever. You can apply makeup the next day and head right back to work. No one will even know you had a vampire facial.

Best of all, results continue to improve in the weeks after your procedure. You’ll notice a reduction in the size of your pores, smoother skin, less acne, and renewed collagen stimulation.

These are just some of the myths surrounding the vampire facials. The best course of action is to consult with a professional to determine whether or not this treatment is right for you and your skin goals.


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