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Rhinoplasty is a popular choice among patients who are unhappy with the shape or size of their nose. While the goal is usually to revise your nose to your desired appearance, rhinoplasty has evolved to have far more benefits that go beyond aesthetics.

Sorting Out Sinuses

Rhinoplasty in conjunction with sinus surgery can fix chronic sinusitis and breathing problems. If you regularly suffer from sinus issues, you may experience sinus infections or other nasal problems that result in mucus. If your nose is swollen, it can also block your sinuses, resulting in pain.

Rhinoplasty can help alleviate severe headaches and congestion.

Easier Breathing

Some people find the act of taking a deep breath through the nose rather difficult. Whether it’s due to a blockage in your nose or a misshapen septum (the part that separates your nasal cavities), rhinoplasty can work to reshape your inner nose and fix those problems, helping you to breathe easier.

Snore No More

While snoring may be considered natural, there might be other reasons you’re keeping your partner up at night. Research suggests that people who undergo rhinoplasty experience little to no snoring issues. It might be because the nose job improves your breathing and clears your airways.

Dealing with Defects

It’s common for people to be born with birth defects, like a condition called congenital malformation. Rhinoplasty can fix it, though. If you were born with an underdeveloped nose, a curve or a lump, surgery can help.

While many people choose rhinoplasty for beauty purposes, it is a highly effective way of fixing breathing difficulties, defects, sinusitis, and snoring problems. The procedure is customized to your face and needs, helping to create balance, symmetry, and overall better health.


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