An eyebrow lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure. It’s designed to eliminate forehead wrinkles and raise a furrowed brow. It also lifts dropping eyelids and eyebrows while removing frown lines and tightening underlying tissue and muscles.

Eliminate Signs of Aging

As you age, your skin loses elasticity. Daily factors like too much sun exposure, stress, and gravity all lead to wrinkles, lines, and heavy eyebrows. Often, one of the first signs of aging in drooping eyebrows.

Take the First Step

For many people, an eyebrow lift is the first choice to a younger, fresher appearance. By raising your brow, your entire face may brighten as the skin tightens.

You can have an eyebrow lift on its own or with other procedures, like upper eyelid surgery to attain an even more youthful appearance.

What an Eyebrow Lift Can Do for You

A brow lift can help correct deep furrows, drooping brows, baggy upper eyes, and horizontal creases across the forehead.

Here are 4 more ways an eyebrow lift can improve your overall appearance.

1.      Open the Eyes

A sagging brow can impact the appearance of your upper eyelids. This leaves you looking tired, and it can sometimes make it difficult to apply makeup. Raising your eyebrow opens up the eyes and makes you look fresh and alert.

2.      Smooth Away Creases

When we lift the brow, we remove excess tissue and skin, smoothing away those telltale signs of aging on your upper face. The horizontal lines that run across your brow and the vertical lines between your eyebrows disappear, making you look youthful and rejuvenated.

3.      A Happier, Smoother Appearance

An eyebrow lift works to lift your eyebrows and eliminate frown lines. That means rather than looking angry, tired, and sad, you can look smooth, relaxed, and happy!

4.      A Pleasing Look

When the skin is lifted above your eyebrow, it creates a pleasing look and that, in turn, leads to a positive attitude!

Long-Lasting Results

You can expect to see the results of your eyebrow lift after about six months. Gravity will continue to take effect as you age, but with a lift, you won’t be able to spot frown lines like you did before.

To maintain your youthful, rejuvenated appearance, be sure to apply sunscreen religiously and take exceptional care of your skin.

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