Botox is still one of the most popular cosmetic treatments on the market. It can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, there’s no downtime associated with the treatment and Botox has proven to be safe and effective when administered by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Yet despite its popularity, there are many myths that still surround Botox.

Myth 1. You Can Become Infected With Botulism After A Botox Treatment.

While it’s true that Botox is derived from the Botulinum toxin, actually becoming infected with botulism is very, very rare. And most of the cases where one does become infected is a result of non FDA-approved treatments given by unqualified individuals. If you’re treated by a qualified, licensed doctor who is experienced in giving Botox injections, it remains a very safe procedure. Your doctor will go over any possible side-effects you might experience.

Myth 2. Botox Is Only Effective After Wrinkles Appear.

Botox can be used as a preventative treatment for wrinkles, in addition to treating existing fine lines and wrinkles. Most of the wrinkles that Botox treats are a result of certain muscle movements in the face. Botox works by paralyzing certain muscles, which is how it can prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place. This means that even young adults (late twenties and early thirties) can benefit from Botox before wrinkles even appear.

Myth 3. Wrinkles Will Become Worse After Stopping Botox Treatments.

The effects of Botox are mostly temporary, but if you stop receiving treatments, you will not see a worsening of your wrinkles. They will return just the same as before Botox erased them from your face. Also, the wrinkles won’t suddenly just return. They make a slow comeback. However, if you stop making the facial expressions that cause the wrinkles (scowling, squinting, raising eyebrows), then the wrinkles will likely not reappear.

Myth 4. Botox Is A Treatment Only Women Get.

Historically, Botox has been more popular with women than with men. But times have changed and it’s now very common for men to inquire about and receive Botox treatments. Aside from looking younger, many men also want to soften up their appearance so they can look more approachable. This can help them with everything from employment to finding a romantic partner.

Myth 5. You’re Never Too Young For Botox.

While there seems to be no upper age limit for Botox treatments, doctors will generally turn away teenagers who are seeking Botox for cosmetic purposes. Because a teen’s body hasn’t yet fully developed, and more importantly, most teens don’t have problems with fine lines and wrinkles caused by constant muscle movement. Most cosmetic doctors advise teens to wait until they’re in their mid-twenties before they start receiving Botox injections as a preventative measure against developing wrinkles.

Interested In Botox?

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