Everyone is looking for ways to improve the quality of their skin. On top of the mystery that comes along with figuring out what creams are best for what and what kinds of treatments and procedures that a person can commit to and have success with; here are 5 awesome do-it-yourself tips that will make your skin look better naturally and effectively, and maybe even dramatically affect your health in very positive ways.

1. Improve Your Air Quality

It’s important to avoid smokey environments, because your skin is constantly absorbing microscopic proteins and particles in the air through your pores. While the adage “you are what you eat” might be good for you; the same is true for your skin- you want to put your skin in the absolute best environment you can to keep it clean and healthy. Change the air filters in your furnace regularly, and make sure that if you’re cooking with oil you’re using an overhead fan to manage oil particles that could get on your skin; also try to keep your skin moist by using a humidifier in your bedroom to keep from getting dry skin.

2. Cut Out the Additives- Especially in Your Toothpaste

If you’re dealing with unsightly dermatitis around your mouth that resembles pimples, redness, or scaling, your toothpaste could be to blame. It might seem like a good idea to use tartar-control ingredients or added flavors, but often these chemical additives are bad for your skin and can have lasting effects on your skin’s surface, like scarring or unwanted, unsightly blemishes. Switch to a plain toothpaste with all natural ingredients like Tom’s- it’s the same price as other toothpastes, but is made from all natural and healthy ingredients.

3. Watch Your Sun Exposure- Even Indoors

Even indoors, you have to be careful about how much you’re being exposed to UVA radiation from the sun, as the sun’s rays penetrate windows in your home, office or vehicles and cause brown spots on your skin and even wrinkling. Studies have shown strong correlations between cancers on the left side of the face and arms that aren’t as prevalent on the right side of the body, because that side of your body is constantly exposed to the sun’s rays when you’re driving. Protecting your skin while you’re driving might seem a little silly, but it could save you from wrinkles, sun damage, and even cancer in the future.

4. Monitoring Dairy Intake

Research from Harvard suggests that teenagers who drank more milk had almost 30 percent more acne than those who didn’t drink as much. While scientists aren’t quite sure why dairy leads to acne, it could be because of hormones that occur naturally in milk that your body negatively reacts to. If you’re lowering your dairy intake, be sure to include lots of leafy greens, legumes, or flax to balance out your calcium and protein needs.

5. Reduce Your Stress

Stress takes its toll on your whole body, and this includes your skin. Researchers at Stanford found that students had more severe acne breakouts during exam time than any other time- because the body fights stress by releasing hormones like cortisol that make the skin oilier and give bacteria more room to grow and create unwanted acne. Practice stress management techniques like deep breathing, yoga and meditation to get your stress under control.