When you’re considering any cosmetic procedure, it’s very important to pick the right doctor for the job. Even a simple Botox injection can turn into a disaster when performed by an unqualified person.


  1. Are they board-certified? A board-certified plastic surgeon has completed a lengthy residency. They must demonstrate proficiency in all areas of plastic surgery before taking the board exams. Finding a board-certified plastic surgeon ensures they have the training and experience to perform your procedure safely and effectively.


  1. Does the plastic surgeon share your aesthetic taste? While this is more subjective, it’s important to be on the same page as your plastic surgeon about how you want to look. When talking to a plastic surgeon, ask to see before/after pictures of patients who have had the same procedure you are considering.


  1. Does the plastic surgeon take the time to answer all your questions, or rush you through your consultation? You’re entrusting not just your life, but also the way you look to your plastic surgeon. All your questions should be answered and all of your concerns should be addressed by the time you walk out of your consultation. If not, find a different plastic surgeon.


  1. Do they have admitting privileges at a hospital? A plastic surgeon with hospital admitting privileges adds an extra layer of protection for the patient. Hospitals require background checks and verify the doctor’s credentials. Further, some patients will need their procedure done at a hospital, not in the doctor’s office outpatient clinic.


  1. Does the plastic surgeon dismiss risks or potential complications? Any procedure or treatment comes with a certain amount of risk. Your surgeon should feel comfortable discussing these risks with you and minimizing them by performing a thorough examination and taking a detailed medical history. Your surgeon should also be willing to answer your questions about the risks of a procedure/treatment.

The plastic surgeons at Jefferson Facial Plastics in Philadelphia are all board-certified in facial plastics and reconstructive surgery. Further, they also hold second certifications in other specialties. Our surgeons have performed thousands of surgical procedures and are leaders in their field by teaching other doctors and publishing in medical journals.

Further, our surgeons are caring and compassionate, taking the time with each patient to understand their goals, discuss outcomes and possible complications. Whether you’re having a simple Collagen injection or a full facelift, we want you to feel comfortable every step of the way.

Contact Jefferson Facial Plastics today for your consultation with one of our plastic surgeons. From the second you walk through our doors until you walk away from your last follow-up appointment, you’ll feel the difference that sets us apart.