Whether you’re considering a nose job or have scheduled your rhinoplasty procedure, you’re probably worried about a few things.

Besides getting ready for the big day, you might be worried about a few things during the recovery period.

Below, we look at 6 things you don’t need to stress about.

1.      You Can Sneeze

Worried about sneezing after surgery? Don’t. As long as you sneeze with your mouth open, to keep pressure off your nose, you’ll be just fine.

2.      Swelling After Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

You will experience swelling after the procedure. You can reduce swelling by using a cold compress in the first 72 hours after the surgery. Just don’t apply the compress directly to the nose. Rather hold it on your cheeks to avoid shifting any cartilage or bone.

3.      Wearing Glasses

If you usually wear eyeglasses, you’ll want to avoid doing so for a few months after your rhinoplasty procedure. The nose pads of glasses put pressure on the nose, hindering the healing of your nasal bones. If you must wear glasses, you can tape them to your forehead. Better yet, you can wear contact lenses as soon as 2 – 3 days after surgery.

4.      Washing Your Hair

Provided your splint doesn’t get wet and someone helps you, you can give yourself a salon-style wash even within the first week after your procedure.

5.      Dealing with a Stiff Nose Tip

If the tip of the nose goes very stiff or hard, do not panic. That hardness is a result of nasal tissue swelling. It’s going to fluctuate throughout your recovery, and it’s normal. A low-salt diet will help relieve fluid retention and stiffness.

6.      Getting Dressed

During the early days of recovery, it’s best to wear zip-up and loose tops. They’re a lot easier to get on and off, and you can avoid your nose area completely. The idea is to not catch or bash your nose when you’re getting dressed. If you’re nervous, ask someone to help you with your tops.

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Image: Pexels

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