According to data from the National Health Interview Survey, only an estimated 30% of adults reported getting an average of six or more hours of sleep per day in 2005-2007.

How much sleep are you getting?

Improper sleep has a definite impact on aging and causes your skin to age faster.

Sleep is important for cell growth and renewal.

Puffy eyes and dark circles are tell-tale symptoms of poor sleep. However, there are additional damaging effects.

During a clinical trial, the appearance of well-rested sleepers versus poor sleepers was studied.

The scoring was based on fine lines, pigmentation and elasticity.

The poor sleepers had a significantly more aged appearance.

The study also looked at the skin’s ability to recover from external stressors on the skin, e.g., sunburn, and revealed that poor sleepers take longer to recover.

Good sleepers reported greater satisfaction with their appearance and attractiveness than the poor sleepers.

Would you like a free and easy way to feel more attractive?

Go to bed and get your needed rest.

The average adult requires seven hours of sleep each night.

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*Source: Facial Plastic Surgery Today