The conversations regarding plastic surgery are not always positive ones. Shows like TLC’s Botched have reached wide audiences over the years, tapping into the stereotypes that accompany this notion of what it’s like to go too far under the knife.

If there is one procedure likely to spurn negative emotions at the mere mention of its name, one maligned for Hollywood horror stories and unforgiving press, it’s Botox. We’ve all seen the pictures, those that TMZ and Access Hollywood have flashed across TV screens and social media headlines – the frozen expression, the unnaturally taut skin, the Joan Rivers’s and Lindsay Lohan’s of the world, all held up as shining examples of the limits and dangers of too much plastic surgery and more often than not excessive Botox is the one to blame.

But is Botox really due all of the hate it receives? Are these bad cases really the rule instead of the exception?

The answer to both questions is no.

So Botox Isn’t All Bad?

Botox has certainly gotten a bad rap over the years. That’s not up for debate. But it is those rare particularly bad cases that latch onto people’s minds at the mention of its name. Of the top of your head, it might be hard to think of a case where someone you know has had good Botox. Now that’s not because good Botox doesn’t exist. Rather, it’s because when Botox is done well it’s nearly unnoticeable.

Think of it like the special effects in a movie. Computer generated images have become so advanced and have been so deeply integrated into the moviemaking process that when they’re done exceptionally well, you likely can’t tell where the real stuff ends and the effect begins. However, on the flip-side, when special effects are bad, you can tell immediately, and like it or not, those are the ones that you end up remembering. Like good CGI, when Botox is done well, you might not even notice. That’s the point after all. So when it’s done particularly badly, it’s that much more obvious to see.

How Does It Look When It’s Done Right?

Botox paralyzes certain muscles in the face in order to erase wrinkles and fine lines. It keeps the skin firm, taut, and smooth, keeping the effects of aging at bay. Again, it can be hard to pinpoint good Botox for several reasons. Celebrities, for example, rarely go public with the details of the procedures they’ve had. They usually tumble out in the tabloids when they’ve gone awry but when done right, it can be difficult to say for sure. However, stars like George Clooney, Amy Poehler, and Ryan Seacrest are good examples of Botox success stories who prove that in the hands of a competent surgeon, the effects speak for themselves. The goal of plastic and cosmetic surgery should be to restore natural beauty to your looks, not for patients to go searching for facial features that weren’t necessarily there in the first place.

At Jefferson Facial Plastics, our surgeons are double-board certified to perform injections in the areas the patient sees fit. Before the procedure, they meet with a surgeon to sort out all of the necessary information to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible from pre-op to post-op.

One of the biggest worries with sensationalizing accounts of botched plastic surgery is that it risks alienating people who are interested in having procedures of their own. It’s important to realize that those cases do not stand for the whole. At Jefferson Facial Plastics we strive to provide only the best care to our patients and welcome any opportunity to engage with those who have doubts about undergoing plastic surgery. Call us today at 215-503-FACE to schedule a consultation. We hope to hear from you soon.