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Smooth skin and full cheeks. Some of us have them naturally. Others need a little help with fillers. Fillers are easy to get, long-lasting, and designed to subtly smooth out facial wrinkles and fine lines to leave you looking younger and fresher.

What Exactly Are Fillers?

Facial fillers are a substance that is designed to be injected just below the surface of your skin. Their purpose is to add fullness and volume while ironing out wrinkles.

Different fillers are designed to treat different types of wrinkles, and other signs of aging as well as cosmetic issues. How long they take to work and how long they last vary depending on which filler you get. Some can last for 6 months, while others can last as long as 2 years or more.

Can Fillers Treat Wrinkles?

It’s a resounding yes. The bulk of filler is made with hyaluronic acid, with different particle sizes delivering different results. For example, larger particle sizes help to rebuild hollowed out areas of the face, smoothing out deeper wrinkles, while smaller particles work better to address fine lines and shallow wrinkles.

So, from “just starting” wrinkles, like those around the mouth and eyes, to severe wrinkles and folds like nasolabial folds, fillers can treat all types of wrinkles.

Don’t Forget to Book Your Top Up

If you love the look of your fillers, it’s important to remember you’ll need a top-up. It takes around 6 to 18 months for fillers to start naturally being broken down by your body, you’ll need touch up appointments to maintain your youthful looks. This is also great news if you just want to try filler since the effects fade away without long-term risks.

Remember, though, filler won’t stop your skin from aging altogether. You may find you need a little more filler to achieve the same results as time goes on.

To decide on the right filler and quantity to treat your wrinkles, you should discuss your needs and expectations with an expert.

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