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A nose job can improve the appearance of your nose. While some people worry about the size of their natural feature, others worry about a crooked nose. Rhinoplasty can help you achieve a proportionate appearance. But can the procedure make you look younger?

Noses Do Age

Like other facial features, your nose changes with age. As you get older, supporting structures and nasal cartilage shrink and weaken. The top of the nose droops and overall, your nose looks longer. Even the skin on your nose loses elasticity and becomes thinner.

These factors along with the natural aging process can make you look older than you really are.

Look Younger with Rhinoplasty

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about anti-aging procedures, rhinoplasty can leave you looking and feeling refreshed and younger. In fact, a nose job can take several years off your appearance due to restructuring.

Many people choose the procedure in an effort to reduce or remove a prominent bump on their nose. Once removed, the bump will not come back. That means that when you’ve fully recovered, your appearance will be different.

What’s more, as you age, the structures and tissues of your face start to sag and droop. But an experienced surgeon will combat the effect by rebuilding structures within the nose. For instance, a surgeon can use cartilage from other parts of the body to support the tip of the nose and septum, while working to prevent overlying tissue drooping.

Consider a Nose Job to Look Refreshed

During a rhinoplasty procedure, the nose is made more aesthetically appealing and in proportion with your face. Whether that means lifting the tip, repairing a deformity or injury or shaving down a bump on the bridge of your nose, a nose job will leave you feeling more confident and looking younger.

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