The heat of summer is enjoyed and celebrated by all, but at this point in the year, it seems safe to say that most of us are ready to bid it farewell. We welcome the lower temperatures, the cool autumn breeze, and the crisp fall air. However, without all that moisture in the air, it can really spell doom for your skin: The dryness, the itchiness, it all starts with the changing of seasons. Do you have a game plan for fall? What many people don’t understand is that taking special care with your skin should start well before the arrival of the dry dry doldrums of the winter months. Proper skincare is a year-round process that should be taken seriously in all seasons.

Because here at Jefferson Facial Plastics, we care about the relationship between you and your skin, we’ve amassed a number of tips for fall skincare that if heeded will leave you looking like your best self just in time for everyone’s favorite season.

Oil Up!

Now that the bathing suits have gone away and the humidifiers have been dragged down from the attic, it’s time to make some oils a more prominent part of your daily routine. Whether it’s a moisturizer or body lotion you are going to have to work extra hard to keep hydrating skin and saturating it with more of the healthy fatty acids that keep it looking young and healthy. One of the best places to start is with a good cleanser. The next time you’re out, look for an exfoliating scrub that can take care of any dry dead skin you might have on the surface but can also moisturize the layers underneath.

When it comes to anything topical, we strongly recommend anything that’s full of hyaluronic acid. It’s naturally-occurring chemical that is actually produced by the body in an attempt to counteract the effects of aging. Stock up on anything that has it in abundance. Not only will you be able to preserve moisture but a good body lotion should be able to redistribute that moisture all throughout the layers of skin and not just the outermost.

Don’t Forget to Cover All Bases!

Yes, the harsh summer sun we endured from June until September have been obscured and hidden behind a blanket of puffy gray October clouds. But just because it’s harder to feel the sun’s warmth directly, you are still being reached by its UV rays. Sunscreen is a must in all seasons just as skincare is so do not skimp on the SPF. When you’re out shopping for moisturizers, pick one up with an SPF of 15 at least.

With so many other things to focus on where skincare is concerned it can be easy to overlook the basics. No part of your body should be neglected as we soldier through these autumn months, least of all your extremities, which are likely to be the first candidates to succumb to seasonal dryness. Taking care of your hands and feet is critical. The former are constantly exposed to the elements and the latter will be trapped in boots for the next several months.

Moisturize your hands like crazy. Find some good hand cream and maybe some oil for your nail beds. The last thing you want this fall is to have cracked hands while out apple picking and harvesting pumpkins. For the feet and toes, get yourself a good foot scrub for the shower, something with pumice if you can find it. Do that and guaranteed, your feet will be thanking you in the long run.

Talk to an Expert!

While we’ve shared many a helpful hint with you here today, nothing quite beats the opinion of one of our exceptional staff here at Jefferson Facial Plastics. One consultation could be all it takes with an expert to put you on the fast track to radiant glowing skin for this season and beyond. Call us today at 215-503-FACE or you can schedule one online at Happy fall!