“Implants” is one of those cosmetic surgery buzz words. Capable of eliciting a variety of responses, it’s another term likely to conjure up unflattering images of post-op celebrities, exaggerated features, and unnatural-looking surgical results. Though, of course, like all unfortunate stereotypes, a little added information about the purpose of cosmetic implants as well as their practicality can reveal a lot more truth about them than fiction.

So, Why Implants?

Facial implants, specifically, are one of the specialties offered by our surgeons at Jefferson Facial Plastics. Unlike injections of fillers, which require subsequent visits to your surgeon several times a year, implants provide a permanent solution in addressing whatever qualms you may have over your facial features. Whether it’s your chin, your jaw, your cheeks, or the contour of your face, implants are great for bolstering the structures of the face. These implants will accentuate your facial features by augmenting their size, shape, and contours. Made of synthetic materials, implants have long been the most traditional method practiced to achieve this.

How Do They Look?

Just as fillers are injected to restore volume to certain parts of the face, implants are inserted for the same purpose, but for more permanent results. A nasal implant, for example, is designed to plump up depressions on both sides of the nose, making the nose look more symmetrical and fuller. A chin implant augments the patient’s chin, projecting it out, rounding out the bottom of the face, and keeping the profile from slanting too far backwards from under the nose. A cheek implants increase the volume of cheekbones, giving more definition to the face, making it appear wider and more expressive. The effects of fillers are immediately recognizable and can be tinkered with if necessary to ensure that you’re satisfied with your results.

Are They for Me?

The big draw for implants is that they’re permanent. Not all patients want to deal with visiting their surgeon multiple times a year for injections. So, your surgeon at Jefferson Facial Plastics might recommend implants if they feel as though your situation would be best served by a more permanent solution. For those seeking more information on the benefits of implants or any kind of procedure designed to counteract the effects of aging, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our excellent surgeons. It’s the best resource available to discuss what kind of procedure is best suited to you and your goals.

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