The word “needle,” in any medical context, usually sends shivers down the spines of many people. Those who have a deep-rooted, lifelong fear of needles might even feel a bit sick at the thought of several little sharp points jabbing into the skin. So the idea of going to a medical spa to get a micro-needling treatment might seem downright crazy.

But the truth is that a micro-needling treatment is nothing like getting a vaccine from your family doctor. Unlike the feeling of a single needle when given a shot, micro-needling is often described as feeling like sandpaper being rubbed over the skin.

But there’s a lot more to micro-needling than just how it feels. The following are answers to commonly asked questions to help you decide if this treatment is right for you.

What is micro-needling?

Jefferson Facial Plastics uses the Eclipse MicroPen for all micro-needling treatments. When rubbed over the skin, a dozen very tiny needles create small micro-injuries to the skin. This causes the skin to produce collagen and elastin on its own. Both of those are responsible holding the skin up and can smooth out wrinkles. The procedure also helps to regenerate skin cells. In short, micro-needling utilizes the skin’s natural repair process to make your skin look healthier, younger and smoother.

What conditions can micro-needling treat?

One of the big benefits of this treatment is that it can help a wide variety of skin conditions. This includes skin discoloration, large skin pores, acne scars and fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll also see an overall improvement in the way your skin looks after the treatment.

Further, not everyone has the same type of skin. Micro-needling can be customized to your skin type and specific skin conditions by adjusting how far down into the skin the needles penetrate. For example, scar treatment would require a much greater depth than treating large skin pores.

Is there a difference between micro-needling and laser treatment?

Micro-needling is much more versatile than laser skin resurfacing. For one, micro-needling can be performed on people of all skin tones, whereas laser resurfacing is somewhat limited by a person’s skin tone. Sometimes laser treatment can also leave the skin slightly discolored after treatment. However, both are very effective at resurfacing the skin’s texture and promoting collagen and elastin growth.

What is the recovery time?

There is almost no downtime after a micro-needling treatment. The treated skin area will probably have some bright redness, but this is only temporary. Most patients take 2-4 days to see their skin fully recover, though same might recover faster. Before leaving the office you’ll receive post-treatment instructions. Be sure to follow them carefully to get the maximum benefit out of your treatment.

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