Many people are not happy with the way their noses are shaped or the size of their noses. Having a nose that is proportional to the face gives you a wonderful look. Rhinoplasty is your best chance to enhance facial harmony and leave your nose in the shape and size that makes you happy, self-confident and looking great.

There are various myths and misconceptions that people have about rhinoplasty. It is good to learn the truth about this surgical procedure. Rhinoplasty, also referred to as a nose job, is a type of plastic surgery that is aimed at correcting and reconstructing the nose in such a way that facial symmetry is enhanced. The procedure works by cartilage and/or bone modification, and is a safe and effective cosmetic solution. It has been done for a long time and it has proven to be a life-changing procedure that has the power to boost your confidence in the way you look.

Our experienced double board certified surgeons at Jefferson Facial Plastics also correct defects that are capable of causing breathing problems. The defects might occur due to an abnormal nose structure or nose injuries. The surgeon can change the size of your nose, its angle, reshape the tip of your nose or straighten the bridge.

Most people are unable to tell the difference between rhinoplasty, septoplasty and sinus surgery. Septoplasty is done to straighten the nasal septum that is inside the nose. The septoplasty surgery addresses nasal obstruction that is mainly caused by septal deviation. Sinus surgery involves dilation of the sinuses opening with the use of special balloons to remove blockage that may be caused by damaged, swollen or infected tissue. Rhinoplasty, as said earlier, involves reconstruction of the nose to enhance appearance.

Benefits of rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has various benefits. The procedure is capable of stopping or reducing snoring. It also boosts your confidence and you are able to socialize in a better way. You will definitely feel good about yourself and the way you look. Your facial symmetry is restored and if you had breathing problems before, they can be reduced through the procedure.

Myths and misconceptions about Rhinoplasty

Many people think that rhinoplasty is as simple as taking off a bump in the nose but it is a very complex procedure. It is one of the more challenging procedures and not only requires skilled hands, but any eye for symmetry and aesthetics. Rhinoplasty is very much an art. It involves making sure that each part of the nose is proportional to the other and also matching the nose with the face.

Another false belief is that any nose job can be spotted easily. Only the poorly done nose jobs are easy to tell because it will look unnatural. Also, many people believe that everyone can get the exact nose shape that they desire. There are extents to which the nose job can be done. Plastic surgeons try to get the best shape that your nose can achieve.

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