Thanks to the advancement and innovation in plastic and cosmetic surgery, there are more options than ever before to patients in search of procedures that tighten the skin around the face and neck. One of the most significant benefits of this is the ability for patients to choose procedures that fit the pace of their lifestyles. For example, some of our patients at Jefferson Facial Plastics want procedures that address facial sagging, wrinkles, and lines but don’t have the time for invasive surgeries that require more than a week to recover from.

This is why ThermiTight is such an attractive option for individuals who want smoother and more youthful skin. Most patients who receive treatment are capable of walking out the door and returning to business as usual the same day.

So What is it?

Skin sags for a variety of reasons: aging, stress, health, the sun, etc. Principally, the effect of these stimuli on the skin is a break down of the essential proteins that preserve skin’s volume, strength, and elasticity. These proteins – collagen and elastin – are what keeps the skin looking young and ThermiTight activates the layers of the skin where they’re most prevalent and stimulates them into overdrive, upping their production.

What the treatment looks like is the insertion of a small probe into the targeted skin tissue which is then heated up using radio frequency in order to activate the collagen beneath the skin’s surface. It’s virtually pain-free as the heat of the probe affects layers of the skin that are more tolerant of high temperatures, and because anesthetic is administered beforehand, you’ll feel little to no discomfort during the process. It’s a procedure that works for patients of all ages and all skin types, and best of all, it’s a one-time treatment. Other procedures require multiple follow-ups to achieve a full effect but ThermiTight shows notable improvement after just one go.

How Do I Know if it’s Right for Me?

ThermiTight works for just about everyone. Regardless of age or skin type it can ensure a notable difference for patients interested in more youthful skin. Our surgeons at Jefferson Facial Plastics during your initial consultation can tell you whether ThermiTight would align with your skincare goals. The sheer convenience of it alone makes it an extremely attractive option for the patient on the go. If you’re interested in discussing the procedure with one of our double-board certified surgeons, give us a call at 215-503-FACE today.


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