Are you ready to be pampered? Our signature facial will bring you to heaven and back. You can count on feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to tackle the world after you leave our office.

You can rest assured we only use the best products when treating you face. We use Glo Therapeutics for everything from cleanser to sunscreen. While we tailor every treatment to the individual client, our Signature Facial follows a basic outline for everyone.

Your facial is personalized to your skin

Because no two people are the same, we want to know everything about your skin. To do this, your medical aesthetician will carefully analyze your skin using a special bright light. This will reveal a lot about what kind of skin you have and how we can treat it. Your aesthetician will also use this analysis to choose the right skincare products for you. The aesthetician is looking to see if your skin is dry, oily, a combination the two or sensitive.

Facial preparation

Before treatment can begin, your face needs to be clean. The aesthetician will give your face a thorough, but gentle, cleaning with products that complement your skin type. In addition to cleansing, you will also receive a skin toner that will help restore your skin’s ph balance. This prepares your skin for the next step: exfoliation.

When the aesthetician exfoliates your skin, she is removing all the dead skin cells from your face. Your face will also be treated to steam vapor, which helps the exfoliation and softens the skin. Both of these are important in preparing your skin for the facial mask.

Now comes the time when you can really relax (if you’re not already relaxed enough). Your aesthetician will gently massage your face to relax the skin and muscles, and add to the enjoyment of your experience.

The facial mask

Now it’s time to get down to business. The facial mask is applied using products suited to your skin type. Once applied, the mask remains on your face for 10 minutes. But don’t worry; you won’t just be sitting there twiddling your thumbs waiting for the mask to work its magic. The aesthetician will be giving your hands a much-needed massage.

After the facial you’ll get a nutrient-rich moisturizer that will be gently rubbed onto your face to help strengthen and heal your skin. Special eye cream will then be applied to the delicate skin around your eyes.

You’ve just experienced our Signature Facial treatment. You’ll leave our office feeling like a new person.

Experience it today!

If you haven’t experienced our Signature Facial, then you’re missing out. But it’s never to late to call and make an appointment. The only thing left to do is show up and prepare to be pampered.