Because the face is the first thing people see, it’s no surprise that we can get self-conscious about our looks. There are many conditions that can cause our faces to look imperfect, and one of the more common conditions is spider veins. Spider veins are generally harmless, but can greatly affect one’s self-esteem.

What Are Spider Veins

Spider veins appear most commonly on the legs but are also found on the face, under the eyes, and around the nose. They are thin veins that tend to “spider out” from one area. The color of spider veins can vary from dark purple to red.

One of the biggest causes of spider veins is called venous deficiency. This is when there’s a backflow of blood into a vein and the resulting pressure damages the vein’s walls. Veins are fairly delicate and everything from scrubbing your face too hard or rubbing the areas around your eyes can cause spider veins to appear.

Another cause of spider veins is age. As we get older our skin and veins weaken, which can also cause the vein to collapse. In younger people, veins can often repair themselves. But this repairing ability diminishes as one gets older.

How Does Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) Treat Spider Veins?

IPL is a treatment that uses a strong pulse of broad spectrum light to treat a variety of skin conditions. For spider veins, this pulse of concentrated light heats up and damages the vein’s wall. The vein will immediately start to shrink and then disappear as it gets reabsorbed into the body. It can take up to about six weeks to see the treated area become clear of spider veins. In some case, more than one IPL treatment will be necessary.

One of the big advantages of IPL for spider veins is that it does not damage the surrounding tissue because the light is focused only on the area being treated. Another advantage is that there is very little downtime after your treatment is over.

Is IPL Painful?

Most patients describe the IPL treatment as a snapping sensation (like having a rubber band snapping against your skin) each time the light pulses. There is some mild discomfort, but the treatment is not painful.

What Happens After The Treatment?

IPL treatment for spider veins can take up to about an hour. After your treatment is over, the doctor may recommend an over-the-counter pain medicine to relieve any discomfort. You’ll also be advised to avoid sunlight as much as possible for the next few days. Most people are able to resume their normal daily activities after their treatment.

You Don’t Have To Live With Spider Veins

If spider veins on your face are causing you to feel self-conscious and are affecting your self-esteem, call Jefferson Facial Plastics today for your consultation. We’ll help you decide if IPL is the right treatment for you, and we can have your face free from spider veins before the winter is over.

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