Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the United States. It has been used by many celebrities and others from all walks of life because of its affordability and effectiveness. Maybe you have considered getting Botox before, but you want to learn a little more about the treatment before having it done. Here is some information to help you decide whether or not Botox is right for you.

What is Botox?

Botox is an FDA approved non-invasive treatment that erases fine lines and wrinkles that can cause premature signs of aging. It is an injection that goes into the skin to reduce those lines and wrinkles. When injected, Botox will temporarily paralyze the facial muscles, preventing them from creating fine lines and wrinkles caused by movement of those facial muscles. The effects of Botox last three to six months. Most people that get Botox only experience minor discomfort at the injection site.

Botox is injected by one of our double board certified plastic surgeons with a fine needle into specific muscles to reduce wrinkles. There is no anesthesia required when using Botox. It takes three to seven days to start seeing the effects of Botox. Patients might not see the full benefit of their Botox treatment for up to two weeks.

Botox treats a range of natural occurring facial features such as creases, wrinkles, and frown lines.

What are the benefits of Botox?

There are many benefits of Botox. Botox relaxes the muscles of the face, which reduces those fine lines that most of us do not want to get as we get older. Many people use Botox as a way to prevent wrinkles from forming. Another benefit of Botox is that it is non-invasive. It involves minimal discomfort, and it is safe to use when administered by a qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeon. All surgeons at Jefferson Facial Plastics are double board certified, with decades of experience between them. There is very little (if any) downtime after a Botox treatment.

Botox is also much less expensive than many other treatments, like cosmetic surgery (for example). Further, Botox injections can be given right here at Jefferson Facial Plastics in Philadelphia, making the procedure incredibly convenient.

What are the side effects Botox?

When properly given, there are very few side effects to Botox. Potential side effects include swelling, inflammation, redness, bleeding, bruising. Some other side effects are numbness, droopy eyelids, muscle spasms or twitching. It’s important to let the doctor know before your treatment if you have any allergies, all the medications you are currently taking and any medical conditions. All this information can help prevent any side effects. After your Botox injection is complete, our physicians will give you post-treatment instructions, including signs of a serious allergic reaction.

Botox is a wonderful procedure, and it will make you feel younger, and you will love what you see when you look in the mirror. Many people’s quality of life has been greatly increased because Botox made them look and feel younger. If you are interested in getting Botox, call us at Jefferson Facial Plastics in Philadelphia today to schedule your consultation.


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