There is one thing in life you can’t avoid, and that is aging. Fortunately, plastic surgery has advanced to the point where many of the signs of aging we experience can be fixed.

Two procedures many people use to improve their looks is either a facelift or a neck lift. The traditional facelift is used to tighten the skin, remove excess skin and give the person a more youthful appearance. A neck lift is very much like a facelift, only it focuses on tightening and removing excess skin and fat on the neck. Both procedures will shave several years off of a person’s appearance.


The facelift is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the United States. Its popularity is due to its long-term effectiveness at correcting sagging and excess skin.

A facelift is performed by making incisions near the hairline, around the earlobes and in front of the ear. Any excess skin and fat will be removed. Our surgeon will then tighten the facial skin by pulling it upwards (hence the name “facelift”). The doctor might make other adjustments necessary to give your face a firm, well-balanced look.

The incisions are then closed up with sutures and/or staples. If scarring does occur, it will be minimal and is usually hidden in the hairline or around the ears where it is not noticeable.

Neck Lift

A neck lift, on the other hand, is when our surgeon makes incisions behind the ear and under the chin in order to “lift” the neck’s skin up, making it tighter and giving it a firmer look. A neck lift will also include removal of any excess fat or skin. As with a facelift, no two patients are the same so the exact procedure will vary.

How A Facelift And A Neck Lift Can Complement Each Other

Many times, the patient will receive a neck lift and a facelift at the same time because the two can compliment each other in many ways. Our world-class plastic surgeons will help you make that decision during your initial consultation. Further, the surgeon might also augment your surgery with other treatments, like Botox, to achieve maximum results. During your consultation, you’ll see before-and-after photos of patients who underwent similar procedures so you know what to expect.

The effects of the surgery are long-term, meaning you generally don’t have to worry about having repeat treatments to maintain the benefits. However, you are required to be in good physical and health to undertake the surgery. Only our double-board certified plastic surgeons can decide whether or not surgery is right for you. Further, after the surgery, there is a downtime of a couple of weeks for you to recover. You also need to know that the facelift or neck lift will not change your fundamental appearance or stop the aging process; it’s a cosmetic procedure that will make you look younger and enhance your self-esteem.

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