Plastic surgeons have more tools and resources now than ever before to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals. Among these tools are synthetic dermal fillers that surgeons use to add volume to sunken areas of the face. But doctors are also using the patient’s own body to help attain the same result, and the procedure is called fat grafting.

Fat grafting (also called fat injection) is a procedure where the surgeon takes fat from a donor site on the body (usually the thighs or stomach area) and transplants that fat into very specific parts of the face.

Why Are The Benefits Of Fat Grafting Over Other Methods?

One of the biggest benefits of fat grafting is that it’s safe because the doctor is using fat from the patient’s own body. This eliminates any worries about allergic reactions, which can be a possibility with other dermal fillers. Fat grafting also produces better long-term results. While some of the fat will get reabsorbed into the body (30% or so), the fat that does remain will last for years.

Fat grafting can also be used to complement a full facelift. This allows the surgeon to “lift” the face up and then fill in sunken areas that typically begin to develop as we age. The result is a face that looks smoother, more full and much younger.

Finally, there is also very little downtime following a fat grafting treatment. The most common issues patients experience after fat grafting is swelling in both the donor and recipient area. There also might be some tenderness as well. After the procedure, the doctor will tell you how to care for the donor and recipient sites and any activities you should avoid for the next few days. Most patients are able to resume most normal activities fairly quickly after a fat grafting procedure.

What Can Fat Grafting Treat?

Fat grafting is can be used to correct a wide array of facial cosmetic problems. Most often, it is used to fill out the sunken areas under the eyes, filling in forehead creases, erasing “laugh lines” and so forth. Because some of the fat is reabsorbed by the body, the surgeon will inject slightly more fat into the treated areas to compensate for the loss.

Is Fat Grafting Right For Me?

If your face has sunken areas and you suffer from forehead creases or laugh lines, then you might be a good candidate for fat grafting. Only our double board-certified cosmetic surgeons here at Jefferson Facial Plastics can tell you for certain if this procedure will help you.

During your initial consultation, the doctor will ask about your entire health history. He will then examine your face and might recommend a different treatment based on what he sees. The doctor might also recommend additional treatments that will complement fat grafting. If fat grafting is right for you, then the doctor will also examine potential donor sites on your body to ensure he can get the fat he needs to get the job done. Once the proper treatment plan is agreed upon, you’ll schedule your appointment.

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