Hair loss can be a major source of stress as we age. It’s one of our most distinctive features, after all. For something unexpected to happen to it, it can be especially frustrating to have to cope with balding at any point in our lives. Whether someone’s personal hair loss may stem from trauma, hormone imbalance, aging, or simply genetics, its effect on your self-esteem or self-image may lead you to want to evaluate the options at your disposal. At Jefferson Facial Plastics, our surgeons offer their expertise through providing hair transplants. Hair transplants help to restore a more youthful look to our patients, leaving them with a head of hair that grows in fully and naturally. If you are someone who is interested in hair transplants but may be unfamiliar with the procedure or whether you are an eligible candidate, then hopefully this will answer some of the major questions surrounding it.

Am I an Ideal Candidate?

For our surgeons to decide if you are truly a candidate for hair transplants you’ll have to come in for an initial consultation. Here, your surgeon will decide if based on your health and expectations for surgery what kind of results you might expect. As with most procedures, hair transplants work a little differently on everyone, so it’s important to take into consideration your unique circumstances in order to paint the clearest picture of what your results are likely to be.

How Does It Work?

Transplanting hair requires removing grafts of hair from the scalp unaffected by the patient’s baldness and relocating them to the bare or thinning areas. It’s important to note that this may not always be a onetime procedure. Depending on the relative need for more transplants, the patient might require several sessions to achieve the maximum effect. It will also take time, of course, for the hair to grow enough to really see the extent of the procedure’s success. The grafting process also leaves patients with a relatively expedient and painless recovery.

Is It Really Worth It?

Every case for hair transplants is different, and not just because of the health and condition of the person interested in the surgery. Baldness affects everyone differently; men and women alike. It matters more and less to certain individuals. Some wear it proudly, others are more self-conscious and that’s fine in either case. You deserve to feel at your most confident in your own skin and if going through with hair transplants can help achieve that then it certainly will be worth it to you.

The procedure is explained in greater detail on the website under the Cosmetic Procedures drop-down window. There are also countless stories online of the journeys of men and women who have had the procedure themselves. Call us at 215-503-FACE to schedule a consultation with our excellent surgeons at Jefferson Facial Plastics and see if hair transplants is the right choice for you!