Rhinoplasty, or the “nose job” as it is commonly referred, is one of the hallmark procedures likely to come to mind at the mention of plastic surgery. It is one that has also experienced more than its fair share of bad press over the years. When Hollywood tabloids cover celebrities and public figures and their horror stories  from going under the knife, a bad nose job has often been the centerpiece of the exposé.

This procedure, like many, can be difficult to envision on an individual level, especially against a checkered history in the public eye. It can serve as a major deterrence for those who now fear any adverse results from rhinoplasty and that’s unfortunate because to most surgeons, and to ours especially at Jefferson Facial Plastics, it is a fairly simple procedure, able to guarantee satisfactory results to those who may feel dissatisfied or self-conscious about the appearance of their own nose. There are certainly some things that should be taken into consideration if you’re interested in rhinoplasty but it would be a shame to be turned off to the notion completely because of some major misgivings that stem from tabloid journalism.

Have Reasonable Expectations:

This is the big one. In the cases of these unfortunate celebrities on the receiving end of botched plastic surgery, very rarely if ever do such cataclysmic events occur on the first go-around. When it comes to rhinoplasty, there are some who have this expectation that the perfect nose is out there somewhere and that eventually, after enough surgeries, it will wind up on your face. This mindset almost always ends in disappointment. Your surgeon will do everything they can to match the vision in your head, but remember the story of the sphinx – if you obsessively tinker with anything for too long, it’s going to fall off. In the hands of our surgeons at Jefferson Facial Plastics, your nose will never fall off but nearly every person who’s been caught in the tabloids, Access Hollywood or TMZ for some botched procedure wound up there caught up in a chase for a perfection that simply isn’t attainable.

To be clear, our patients are entitled to the highest level of satisfaction, but there is a difference between having an expectation for a nose that conforms to your vision and having an expectation that your nose will look exactly like Blake Lively’s and it’s the case of expecting the latter where problems begin to surface.

Have a Vision in Place:

This may seem to run counter to the previous two paragraphs, but again, you deserve to have a nose that you love and gives you confidence. There’s no limit to the reasons you might have for wanting to change your nose. Some of our patients were born with a facial deformity. Some have noses that lack certain functionality. Some have qualms that are strictly cosmetic in nature; a bump here, an asymmetry there, nostrils that are too wide, etc. All of which are completely valid and understandable. So, when you have a consultation with your surgeon, be as descriptive as possible. Explain in great detail everything you’d like to change about your nose. Your surgeon can only understand what you’re able to put into words. They can’t see into your thoughts, so it’s up to you to fill in the blanks where necessary.

Please call! If you’re even the slightest bit interested in rhinoplasty, we’d hope that you’d come in for an initial consultation. Call us at 215-503-FACE, so we can arrange a visit with one of our excellent surgeons, here at Jefferson Facial Plastics. Don’t let the tabloids dissuade you from getting the nose you’ve always wanted. Call us today!


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