Much of what we do at Jefferson Facial Plastics fights against the aging process. Aging, of course, is a part of life – a part that goes far beyond the physical. Aging itself, is a summation of you; your life, your accomplishments, your celebrations, your failures, your lessons learned… To some, the effects of aging, manifested in their appearance, can be a great sense of pride; distinguishing features that can be attributed to certain periods over the course of a life. But, of course, the signs of aging, to many; the crows feet, the smile lines, the furrowed brows, the sagging skin, etc. may be a source of stress in and of themselves. If you find yourself in the latter category or even somewhere in-between it and the former, the benefits of a midface lift can be extraordinary.

A “Mid”-Face Lift?

What makes a midface lift distinct is its intensive focus on the T-Zone, which comprises everything around the eyes, through the nose, cheeks, down to the mouth, chin, and neck. A midface lift is able then to zero in on those features so often the most affected by the aging process. It may not be a full face lift but it does target enough areas in a major way to provide patients with a visibly younger complexion. It is a procedure commonly sought after by patients in their 30’s and 40’s, those who find themselves experiencing some of the earliest indications of aging. It tightens the skin, restoring a more youthful tautness and sheen to your face, removing things like sagging cheeks, developing jowls, drooping eyelids, or flappy skin in the chin and neck area.

What if I’ve Never Had Cosmetic Surgery Before?

It can certainly be intimidating to read about cosmetic surgery if you’ve never experienced what it’s like to go “under the knife”. The midface lift is a procedure frequented by a somewhat younger demographic, often the first cosmetic procedure that many men and women undergo. To some, there are certain qualms about the idea of “having work done”, that it’s not for you or that you feel uncomfortable giving someone the power to alter your physical appearance. When it comes to those thoughts, that worry of looking unnatural, that is to say unlike your natural self, there is this to be said about the midface lift in particular, it is not your surgeon’s goal to transform you into a new person or to give you a new face. Rather, when it comes to you and your face, it is our surgeons’ hope to turn back the clock, to make you look more like your old self.

It goes without saying that aging should be celebrated and that there is no shame in the physical effect it takes on your face. The midface lift seeks to restore youth to your face, the feature that unequivocally makes you you. Aging is certainly a cause for celebration but above all, when it comes to you and what you want, you deserve to have all of the confidence in the world in the face you have. So, if you have even a passing interest in the idea of a midface lift, it doesn’t even have to be a serious inquiry, we strongly encourage you to call us today. An initial consultation with one of our double-board certified surgeons, just to talk about what the procedure could do for you. We would be delighted to answer any questions you have. Call us, at 215-503-FACE.