Every year new trends appear in the world of facial plastic surgery. Like fashion, what is hot and popular this year, might see a sharp drop in popularity next year. Tracking these trends helps the industry understand what patients consider important when it comes to their looks and how they go about achieving the look they want.

Every year the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) releases an annual survey compiled from plastic surgeons around the country. Here are some of their findings:


  1. Combination therapies were hot in 2016. This means instead of just having one treatment, patients are opting to have treatments that complement each other performed at the same time. For example, a facelift might also include dermal fillers to help “fine-tune” the face for the best results.


  1. Younger patients are becoming more common. Cosmetic surgeons are now seeing more patients under 30-years old. These younger patients are seeking preventative skin care that will help prevent problems (cosmetic or otherwise) down the road. The survey reveals that more than half of facial plastic surgeons saw an increase in those under 30. These patients are looking for filler treatments and other ways to prevent sagging and volume loss.

Why the large surge in younger patients? A whopping 99% of AAFPRS members say celebrities are a contributing factor to influencing younger patients to seek facial plastic surgery.


  1. Chemical Peels are as popular as ever. Chemical peels can treat a wide variety of skin conditions, from sun damage to fine lines and wrinkles. And in recent years, the products used for chemical peels have greatly improved. Facial plastic surgeons have more options available to customize a chemical peel to the individual patient. Another reason why chemical peels are so popular is that they can be done during one’s lunch hour. This makes it an incredibly convenient way for people to keep their skin looking young and healthy.


  1. Reasons for facial plastic surgery. Finally, the survey finds that there are two big motivating factors for patients reaching out to plastic surgeons.

The first is people want to stay competitive in the job market. We’re still judged by the way we look, and candidates that look younger and healthier have an advantage over those who don’t.

The second is the impact of social media. People are seeing celebrities, friends and family members having cosmetic procedures done with great success. Social media is helping to demystify facial plastic surgery and erase the stigma that was once associated with it.

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