While thousands of people undergo brow lift procedures every year, not many people know exactly how it works. Today, we’re answering some of your burning questions about brow lifts.

What Happens to your Brow Line as you Age?

A youthful forehead consists of a gradual, lineless arch that creates a natural contour from the forehead to the brow. The natural aging, however, process causes this skin to wrinkle and sag. These effects are especially prominent in the brow and forehead area, as they are heavy emotion areas that are prone to wrinkling and loose skin. As a result, your brow line and forehead tend to flatten and lose that natural contour.

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or a browplasty, is a procedure done to restore the youthfulness of your brow line by accentuating the natural contour of your forehead skin, upper eyelids, and eyebrow region.

How is a Brow Lift Done?

While every brow lift is different, there are three common procedures when it comes to brow lifts. An endobrow lift is performed through a small incision with the use of an endoscope. A temporal brow lift involves several smaller incisions and is often accompanied by an eyelid lift. Finally, a classic brow lift involves a longer incision made ear to ear. Depending on what results you seek, one technique may serve to be better than the other.

Will a Brow Lift Help Me?

Sometimes it can be hard for patients to determine whether they need a brow lift. It is typically difficult because the position of the brow line can often effect how the eyelids and forehead look. Often, those who are seeking a brow lift suffer from creases and wrinkles in the brow line and forehead, sagging skin in the forehead, and a lack of shape in the forehead and brow. Additionally, those who feel they have a naturally grumpy or angry expression may benefit from a brow lift that will not only widen their eyes, but rejuvenate their expression.

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