Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce), made waves around the world when the former Olympic gold medalist introduced herself as a woman. By doing so, she has become the most well-known transgender woman in recent history, signaling a cultural shift in how we view the transgender population. Her transformation gained widespread support from the general public, other celebrities and even the President of the United States.


But what is not being talked about is the transformative surgery Caitlyn went through in order to achieve her stunning good looks. It’s reported that she underwent a 10-hour surgery that made her facial features look more feminine.

The surgery was actually a set of multiple procedures done all at once. Here are a few of the procedures Caitlyn had performed:

  1. Reshaping the jawbone. Most men have a pretty prominent jaw line, so surgeons had to go in and literally take out part of Caitlyn’s jaw to soften the look.
  1. Brow lift. This is also known as a “forehead lift” which is used to smooth out forehead wrinkles and the areas around the eyes. If you look at before and after pictures of Caitlyn, you can see her smooth new features that make her look even more feminine.
  1. Botox injections. Reports say that these injections were done primarily around the jaw area.
  1. Shaving down the Adam’s apple. If you look at pre-op pictures of Caitlyn Jenner, you’d notice she has a prominent Adam’s apple. After the surgery, her neckline looks much more feminine with nothing jutting out.
  1. Breast augmentation. Caitlyn received breast implants for a more curvy bust line. Reports say she wore a special post-op support bra for a month afterwards to let her new breasts heal. Reports also say they look spectacular!


The above five are only the procedures we know about. There’s no doubt Caitlyn also had several body modification procedures performed (on top of breast implants).

Her doctors also noted that Caitlyn healed exceptionally fast, which they attribute to her being in great shape (being an Olympic athlete tends to do that). The only “complication” was an anxiety attack after the surgery. But given the amount of work done and how different she looks, they say that it’s a normal reaction for many patients.

Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation from man to woman shows how far cosmetic surgery has come in the last few decades.

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