Woman with tight skin after ThermiTight procedure

Summer may be ending, but maintaining your self-esteem by ensuring that you love your body is important all year-round. One of the most common results of aging that can have an effect on your self-image is sagging skin.

Sagging skin is commonly found on areas such as under the chin, on the upper arms, and the abdomen. In order to combat unsightly sagging skin, many of our patients turn to Thermitight treatments.

Thermitight is a popular skin-tightening treatment that utilizes thermal energy to combat sagging skin that appears as a result of aging, weight gain, weight loss, and general day-to-day stress. Those who are thinking of undergoing the Thermitight procedure, however, are often curious: how does the Thermitight procedure work?

The process begins with an analysis of your problem areas, which can be different for everyone. Thermitight can be applied on any area of the body where there is sagging skin, as long as the skin is not overly hanging or excessive. Once you have determined where you would most benefit from receiving a Thermitight treatment, you are already on your way to scheduling and undergoing the procedure.

The Thermitight procedure is minimally invasive and should only take about one to two hours to complete depending on your circumstances.

After all of the necessary preparations are made, a numbing agent is applied to the problem area and a very small incision is made to insert a probe under the skin. A small probe is then inserted beneath the top layer of the skin. Upon insertion, the probe begins to emit radiofrequency energy. This energy is key in the procedure and is Semitted to heat deeper tissues in the problem areas. In response to this heat, deep tissues within the skin will begin to “shrink” and the area will tighten almost instantly.

Thermitight does not only result in effective and long-lasting skin-tightening, but the procedure does not require any significant downtime. Most patients report minimal to no pain or discomfort following Thermitight procedures and are free to go about their daily activities following the treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about Thermitight and how it can treat your sagging skin, schedule a consultation online or call us at 215-503-FACE.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash