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A facelift is the perfect solution to a younger, fresher appearance


Most people choose a facelift because they want to look younger. But just how far back can a facelift turn the clock and are the results permanent?

Does a Facelift Make You Look Very Different?

Most people who undergo a facelift say they look refreshed. A well-done procedure will leave you looking younger instead of operated on or dramatically different. In fact, the best facelifts look completely natural, as if nothing has been done beyond some needed rest and relaxation.

How Much Younger Will You Look?

It can be difficult to predict just how many years a facelift will erase. However, in one study, a team of plastic surgeons decided to try and pinpoint this information.

In the study, surgeons asked medical students to estimate how old patients were in their before and after procedure photos. The results seem to suggest that a facelift can reduce your outward age by around 6 to 8 years, depending on the extent of your particular procedure.

Published in the journal, Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, the study was designed to fill in the information available to people considering a facelift to look younger.

Is It Really Worth It?

A facelift is designed to create a more youthful, smoother appearance. The procedure smooths your skin and can:

  • Lift the corners of the mouth
  • Remove and tighten up sagging facial skin
  • Reduce creases between the lips and cheeks
  • Reduce droopy cheeks around your jawline

So, if you feel that you’re looking tired and older than you are, a facelift could be well worth the results. However, facelifts are individualized and take factors like age, size, and body type into account. So, the results you want to achieve will be discussed thoroughly beforehand.

Remember, a facelift’s longevity depends on your age and skin. Darker, healthier skin tends to respond better to a facelift and patients younger than 60 usually have longer-lasting results.


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