Your skin is your largest organ. Its defensive barrier shields you from the sun’s UV rays, microbes, and a whole host of other aggressive environmental factors. While the skin is hardy, it does need care, and even more so when you undergo facial laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal has quickly become a popular way to get rid of unwanted facial hair. But there are a few things you should do to make sure your skin is properly looked after once you’ve had a treatment.

Check For Reactions

Keep an eye on your face for abnormal reactions after a treatment. The area may be red and even a little swollen, but you shouldn’t experience pain. A cold compress can soothe your face right after your laser hair removal session. You can also use a numbing cream or post-care calming cream to help soothe your facial skin post-treatment.

Take Care In the Sun

Sun protection is paramount. During the healing process, your skin is vulnerable and failure to wear a good SPF sunscreen could cause your treated skin to become damaged and result in dark spots.

Use Moisturizer

Apply moisturizer to your face after your treatment session. This can help soothe any redness and keep your skin healthy in between your laser hair removal treatments. You don’t need to use an antibacterial lotion, though, as it will likely result in dryness.

Avoid Topical Medications and Makeup

We highly recommend that you avoid tropical medications like anti-acne creams as well as makeup immediately after your treatments. These can lead to irritation and they can clog your pores, forcing you to put off your next treatment session.

If you do want to apply makeup after a treatment, we recommend one with a mineral base, preferably that you have used before without any irritation issues.

Taking proper care of your face after laser hair removal will help the skin heal faster and ensure you’re ready for your next treatment.

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