Make your eyes shine bright for the holidays… you don’t even need surgery!

The holidays are everyone’s favorite time of year, but between the hectic grocery store trips, the extra get togethers, and endless cooking, Thanksgiving can also be really stressful. Stress causes increased cortisol production which breaks down collagen and contributes to sagging and wrinkles. Unfortunately, this kind of stress often shows most under the thin delicate skin around the eyes, especially those pesky dark circles and puffiness.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of minimally invasive options that can keep your eyes sparkling through all the cooking and parties while even improving dreaded crow’s feet, bags, and sags.

While not permanent, minimally invasive treatments are the quickest and most convenient options. Given how busy this time of year is, these might just be the best options for you. Here are a few of our treatments we recommend most:

  • Creams that contain retinoid (vitamin A) and antioxidants can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Retinoid increases skin-cell turnover, which stimulates collagen production. The antioxidants help prevent the breakdown of collagen.

  • Injectable fillers plump up the area and soften the wrinkles. These fillers bind to water and fill in the under eye hollows or plump facial folds. Fillers are temporary and will require repeated treatments.

  • Autologous fat transfer uses the patient’s own fat to reduce the tired appearance by filling the hollows below the eyes. It is similar to the effect that is achieved with fillers. A small amount of fat is harvested from somewhere on the patient’s body and is then injected beneath the skin and muscle of the cheek and lower eyelid.

  • Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin can be injected under the skin to paralyze the muscles in the face that pull the skin and cause wrinkles, e.g., crow’s feet or frown lines between the eyebrows. The resulting smooth skin lasts from three to six months.

  • Microdermabrasion uses micronized crystals to remove dead cells and smooth crow’s feet and forehead lines.

  • Chemical peels can be used to remove the superficial layer of skin, boost collagen production, and soften static facial lines.

  • Fractional laser resurfacing treats a fraction of the skin by causing microscopic “wounds” or tiny holes in the skin. These targeted areas are treated intensively, while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. This triggers the skin’s own healing process and stimulates new collagen production. The result is a new, smoother and healthier skin. Fractional lasers are effective for treating wrinkles around the eyes, as well as acne scars, age spots, and melasma.

While these less invasive treatments can address dark circles and fine lines around the eyes,  it’s important to keep in mind that results are not permanent.  Of course, you should ALWAYS discuss your options with your surgeon first.

Also, keep in mind that simple everyday things can make a huge difference in your daily appearance:

  • Sleep!! Make sure you are getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night so your body has time to rejuvenate. Also, stick to sleeping on your back to reduce wrinkle formation caused by repeatedly pressing your face into the pillow.

  • Eat healthy!! This is especially hard around Thanksgiving when we are surrounded by calorie-rich and nutrient-low foods. It’s ok to indulge for some meals but make sure you provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients you need. This will help you repair cell damage and build vibrant new cells to keep your eyes looking fresh and young. Think nuts and fish for Omega-3 essential fatty acids that hydrate, and broccoli and blueberries for vitamin C that can reduce wrinkling and brighten the skin around your eyes.

  • Just relax!! Don’t forget to take some “me” time and wind down during all the chaos. We already talked about how stress breaks down our skin. So make sure you give yourself a break to shake it all off.

From all of us at Jefferson Facial Plastics, Happy Thanksgiving! We’re grateful to have you in our lives. And for those of you thinking about more permanent solutions for your eye area, stay tuned for our future post on all the great eye surgery options we can offer you.