Have you ever wondered if there’s any difference between over the counter and medical-grade skincare products?

There is!

It’s easy enough to walk through a store wondering what products are going to work for you. Or perhaps you know someone who sells skin care products and you feel obliged to buy from them.

With that in mind, how many products do you have sitting in your cupboard that you’ve hardly used?

Think about how much money you’ve spent on different products over time.

With medical-grade products, you’ll spend less in the long run and free up your cupboard space, while making sure you achieve soft, clear skin.

Why? Let’s take a closer look.

Over the Counter vs. Medical-Grade Skincare Products

Medical grade products are far more potent than their general counterparts. They’re researched and developed to ensure that they contain the right active ingredients to make the changes your skin needs. Higher amounts of active ingredients equal beautiful looking skin.

General products, on the other hand, usually mean you need to self-diagnose your skin conditions and figure out what will work for you.

For instance, you may think you have oily skin in general, whereas a skincare professional can carefully analyze your skin and perhaps determine that you have combination skin – an oily T zone and drier cheeks.

If general skincare products were stronger than what they really are, you risk misdiagnosing your skin’s condition and harming your skin with continuous use.

However, medical-grade products are just that – they’re pharmaceuticals. It means that the FDA has already regulated their safety and purity.

Yet not all general skincare products have that regulation, often over-exaggerating their benefits.

Medical grade skin care products, however, can only hit the market once they’ve been thoroughly tested and prove they can treat the skin condition they claim to treat.

How to Find the Right Products

The best way to find out which medical-grade products are right for your skin conditions and goals is to consult a professional.


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