People are not just becoming more conscious about their health, but also about how they look. This is a trend that has been on an upward swing for a while now and is expected to continue through 2016. More specifically, the medical spa industry is seeing tremendous growth as more people realize the benefits of the treatments most spas and clinics offer.

From a simple facial to a full facelift, people want to look better. With costs decreasing as technology improves, and the general public having more disposable income, the world of medical spas is opening up to more and more people.

Medical spas see massive growth

According to a study by Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., the industry is growing at a healthy rate of 18 percent a year. In terms of actual dollars, the medical spa industry was worth about $1.9 billion in 2013 and will grow to an estimated $3.9 billion in 2016. Other studies estimate the growth rate to be much higher. Regardless of what the actual number is, there’s no denying that medical spas are getting more popular every year.

Why is the industry growing so fast?

Positive health trends aside, medical spas are gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. First, plastic surgery is coming out of the dark and becoming more accepted by society in general. It wasn’t long ago when people who underwent plastic surgery tried to keep it a secret. Part of the reason for this unveiling of plastic surgery is the rise of social media and celebrities sharing their cosmetic procedures with the world.

Further, the client base is expanding. More men are seeing the benefits of cosmetic surgery. Men are also more open to getting spa treatments such as facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and many other services that most clinics offer.

Finally, the technology used in many of the procedures has improved to the point where patients will see large improvements in their looks without necessarily having to go under the knife. From laser resurfacing to Intense Pulsed Light therapy, the equipment used is incredibly precise and can be finely tuned to give the patient a very personalized treatment.

A glimpse into the future

As medical spas become more popular, these specialty clinics are expected to keep raising the bar in terms of customer service. Many medical spas are already given five star ratings by patients. In the future, however, medical spas will begin offering more of a hotel experience to patients. This will allow a patient to stay at the spa before and after a surgical procedure, for example, giving the patient a chance to recover with privacy, under the care of the surgeon and nursing staff, and continued pampering that many clinics offer.

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