People in the United States are living longer than ever. With advances in medicine and increased awareness about living a healthy lifestyle, we’re not just living longer, but also feeling better as we age. This affects the aging baby boomer population more than anyone else in the United States. Many baby boomers are still living active lives, even as they retire. In other words, they’re feeling younger than ever.

It’s no surprise then that baby boomers want to both look and feel young. To accomplish this, they’re turning to plastic surgeons to help them look younger longer.

Botox Leads The Way For Baby Boomers

Botox is great for erasing fine lines and wrinkles. It works by paralyzing the facial muscles that can cause wrinkles. As those muscles relax, the wrinkles soften and eventually disappear.

Botox has always been a popular treatment among all adult age groups. But it’s especially popular among baby boomers because it’s a very simple procedure with proven results that make a big difference in how one looks.

The fact that Botox has no downtime, has virtually no side effects and the procedure can be performed right in our office make it an attractive option for baby boomers.

Facelifts Also Becoming More Common

Facelifts are a surgical procedure where the plastic surgeon “lifts up” the facial skin to tighten it. The surgeon might also remove excess skin and fat. While a facelift is much more complicated than Botox, the results are permanent.

Other procedures, like fillers and a neck lift, can also be performed at the same time as a facelift, which greatly increases the end result.

The Stigma Of Plastic Surgery Is Disappearing

Not long ago, there was a stigma attached to having plastic surgery. But that stigma is being erased, mostly by celebrities documenting their own plastic surgeries on social media and reality television shows. People are no longer hiding the fact they had plastic surgery.

Furthermore, men are seeing the benefits of cosmetic surgery and are no longer afraid to go under the knife or smooth out their laugh lines with a Botox injection. As society accepts plastic surgery more and more, the number of men seeking to improve their looks will increase as well.

Want To Look As Young As You Feel?

Our team of highly experienced double board-certified plastic surgeons will help you decide the best way you can look younger. Whether you have a few facial wrinkles that you want to smooth out or are interested in a full facelift, call Jefferson Facial Plastics today to schedule your initial consultation.

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