There is no stopping the aging process. Whether we like it or not, we cannot control the fact that we are getting older. However, the good news is that we do have control over a lot of variables involved with getting older, like: eating healthy, fitness, stress relief, meditation and so forth. A healthy lifestyle helps people age a little more gracefully.

Survey after survey have been taken, targeting older Americans, and the results speak for themselves. On average, a whopping 90% of women say they feel pressured to stay looking young. While this applies to both genders, it seems to affect women much more, who often fear that failing to maintain a youthful appearance can affect their careers.

But for many, the problem remains that they still look older than they feel. In this situation, there is still hope to regain a youthful appearance; cosmetic surgery. In one survey, 42% of women said they’d consider cosmetic surgery or injections. Among men, the number dipped down to 18% – although this number is growing. Further, women tend towards facelifts and eyelid surgery, while men opt for eyelid surgery as well, and fillers that smooth out the skin.

How old is too old?

One age group that plastic surgeons are seeing an increase in are people in their sixties. Why this specific age group? It’s likely due to people working and living longer. Even those who are retired are living more active, so they want a younger look to compliment their lifestyle. And for people who are working in their sixties, they feel the need to look youthful to help their careers.

While there is no cutoff age for plastic surgery, the risks do go up with age. Certain medications and health conditions may disqualify someone from a cosmetic procedure. Also, older patients may not recover as quickly than their younger peers, and may suffer more post-op complications. Only a qualified cosmetic surgeon can evaluate a patient’s medical history to determine if they are good candidates for a particular procedure.

Non-surgical options

However, one of the benefits of modern cosmetic surgery is that there are a lot of non-invasive procedures available to older patients that can still give them the younger look they desire. Injectable fillers and Botox are very common because they aren’t invasive, have a relatively short recovery period and can still get rid of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Another benefit of these types of procedures is that they cost significantly less than going under the knife, which is very attractive to those nearing retirement age and who are watching their budgets.

We’re here to help, regardless of your age

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