Nose Job JeffersonNose reshaping—also known as rhinoplasty or “nose job”—is often considered an unnecessary cosmetic procedure. Even though it can be done purely for cosmetic reasons, there are also several valid medical reasons why nose reshaping can be a necessary procedure to improve the quality of life.

Below, we will look at five reasons to consider nose reshaping and how they can affect a person’s health.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Nose Reshaping

1. Deviated Septum

When the cartilage and bone separating the nasal cavity is off-center, it is called a deviated septum. Sometimes, this is caused by an injury, and other times, people are born with it.

In serious cases, this condition causes breathing problems and headaches. Nose reshaping can repair and correct the septum and alleviate the struggle to breathe.

2. Sinusitis

For people with chronically inflamed sinuses, the struggle to breathe easily is all too real. Congestion, drainage, and headaches only add to the suffering. Nose surgery can open up the nasal and sinus passages, allowing the sinus cavity to drain and the person to breathe effortlessly.

3. Cleft Lip or Palate

A cleft lip or palate is a birth defect where there is an opening in the lip or the roof of the mouth. This can dramatically affect a person’s ability to eat and breathe. Fortunately, simple rhinoplasty surgery can repair the structural tissue of the nose and improve its appearance.

4. Damage Repair

Life can hit hard, and if your nose takes the brunt of it, surgery may be in order. A broken nose can cause breathing issues, sinus infections, and even affect your sense of smell.

5. Tumors

Sometimes, doctors have to go through the nose to remove certain brain tumors. If the endoscopy surgery causes any extra damage, a rhinoplasty can repair it and ensure that the person doesn’t have any breathing problems.


Getting a nose job is more than just how you look in the mirror. We have covered five reasons to consider nose reshaping that are real medical concerns. This simple surgery can literally change people’s lives by giving them the ability to breathe freely and avoid chronic infection.

If you have serious breathing issues or any of the conditions listed above, you may be a candidate for this procedure.

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Image: Unsplash