We all, at one point or another have experienced buyer’s remorse. Or at least, we can remember a time where we’d spent a considerable time and resources on something only to wonder by its completion if it had all been worth it. It’s a feeling common to patients after cosmetic surgery. Especially during the recovery period, when the patient has a lot of time to be alone with their thoughts, this is when feelings of anxiety tend to set in. Questions like, “Was this the right decision?” or “Do I like my new look?” are some of the big ones that patients are left to ponder. The most important thing to consider during these days is that intense post-op emotions are completely normal and there are things you can do to work through it and regain a healthy peace of mind.

Talk Through It

It’s important to reemphasize that many patients experience emotional ups and downs during the recovery process. Whether it’s someone’s first ever cosmetic procedure, someone who’s had several in the past, or someone who’s wanted a specific one for years, people in all three camps and more have reported feeling skeptical or unsure over whether they like their results. When this happens, don’t bottle up your feelings. It’s important to talk to someone; your surgeon, your family, your friends, or someone who’s had a similar procedure and experienced the emotions you’re exhibiting. Talking it through with someone who knows you (bonus if they understand the procedure you’ve just had) will allow both people to be honest and transparent. This is the best way to feel truly heard and understood. Hopefully, by talking through it with somebody who cares and wants what’s best for you, you’ll feel more confident about yourself and your new look.

Trust the Process

At Jefferson Facial Plastics, our surgeons seek to provide our patients with comprehensive care of the highest level. It is their responsibility to take each person and ask them question after question about what they want, how they want to look, their medical history, their lifestyle, etc. all for the purpose of finding the perfect procedure that matches your vision. So, like Joel Embiid says (of recent 76’ers fame), “Trust the process” – be comforted that our amazing surgeons and medical personnel are fully committed to you and your needs. Your only obligation as a patient is to be honest about what your needs are and the kinds of results you hope to achieve. Take heart knowing that our patients have been consistently satisfied by their experiences at Jefferson Facial Plastics, and that given a week or two post-op, you’ll start to feel much more comfortable in your new skin and with your new look.

Give Us Your Feedback

We appreciate dialogue with our patients above all else. We want to know how you’re feeling and how we can help. For any nagging doubts following a procedure or for pregame jitters before committing to one in the first place, don’t hesitate to call us at 215-503-FACE to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons. Whatever step you’re at, we look forward to hearing from you.