Everybody wants to look and feel their best. It’s a motivation that is certainly not restricted to one sex. Men have simply embraced cosmetic surgery as a means of recapturing their youth from the effects of aging, and are doing so at rates that have been increasing for more than twenty years.

What Procedures Do Men Want?

It’s impossible to fully generalize because like any patient seeking cosmetic surgery, no two are ever truly alike. However, men do have a tendency toward procedures similar to those to which women also gravitate. Things like facial wrinkles, discoloration, and sagging skin are among the most popular. But among procedures most often requested by men, the two that stand out are procedures that address hair loss and the jawline.

While hair loss is something that’s addressed by both men and women, it’s a concern that is acutely felt by men. There are few things that more visibly age a man than the state of his hairline. At Jefferson Facial Plastics, we address that with hair transplants. A surgeon will graft hair from the parts of your head that can spare it, moving it to the areas in need of it most. It gives the patient a natural look that’s composed entirely of their own hair.

As far as the jawline is concerned, to a lot of men it’s a distinguishing feature of masculinity. It’s also one that is subject to deteriorate over time as skin starts to sag and features begin to lose their once chiseled distinction. To restore lost definition to the jawline, a surgeon will often try to remove excess fat from the area to uncover it and then re-bolster the area with injectable fillers to give it the shape and appearance the patient is looking for.


At Jefferson Facial Plastics, we proudly serve a diverse group of patients, striving to seek solutions that fit their needs. To any men who might be reading this post and be contemplating the idea of cosmetic surgery, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule an initial consultation. We know it can be a daunting premise and we want to help, if only to sit down and talk about the kind of change you’d like to see. Feel free to call us today at 215-503-FACE or schedule one online at https://jeffersonfacialplastics.com/contact/consultation/. We certainly look forward to it!