So, you’re thinking about getting your first cosmetic procedure? That’s great! That means you’re probably over the toughest hurdle. But in case you’re not, just know that there are over 15 million people each year who receive some kind of plastic surgery so you’re far from alone and cosmetic surgery is the best way to restore, alter, or tailor facial features to your preference in a way that looks natural and fitting.

At Jefferson Facial Plastics we take extraordinary care in ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the process of undergoing any procedure. We take the utmost care in doing so because we know all there is to know abut the emotional rollercoaster that can accompany someone’s first time under the knife. To address some of those qualms, here are our three best pieces of advice to consider while preparing for your first cosmetic procedure.

Know What You Want

Obviously, right? If you’re pursuing a cosmetic procedure, it’s because you have something specific in mind. But sometimes it’s not always enough just to know what you want. There is always the possibility that you haven’t considered your procedure of choice from every conceivable angle. Let’s say you want a facelift. What features do you want to focus on specifically? Why focus on those features? What is it about them that you’d like addressed? What is fueling those motivations? Why do you feel this is the right procedure to address those motivations or concerns?

When it comes to major surgery, or even non-surgical procedures, there is a painstaking level of detail throughout the process. So when it’s your face on the receiving end of a scalpel or syringe, you’re obviously going to want to be able to articulate your needs and wants from the very beginning. Of course, you’re not going to have all the answers. Our surgeons don’t expect you to. But work with them to establish precision on as many fronts as you can. The more transparent you are with them, the best they will be suited to properly serve you. And the more you and your surgeon are on the same page when it comes to your procedure, the more confident you can be in your results moving forward.

Do Your Research

Piggybacking off the last point, once you know what procedure you want and how you would like it to look on your own face, it’s important that you have a thorough understanding of how to prepare. Again, your surgeon will be your greatest resource on this point but be encouraged to do some research online. Look at articles by other doctors and publications that outline what you should do in the week leading up to surgery If you should stock up on healthy food, vitamins, supplements, what the recovery process will entail, how you should position yourself afterward to maintain your results, whether this procedure require follow-up visits and additional work, etc., these are all the gritty details that might otherwise go overlooked before the first time consultation. Don’t be mistaken that they’re any less important.

Make Sure You’re in Good Hands

Knowing your surgeon is just as important as knowing what procedure you want and what to expect from it. There are a lot of plastic surgeons out there and some are flat out not worth going to. Luckily, on this point, you’re in good hands because our surgeons at Jefferson Facial Plastics not only have impressive credentials and deep portfolios of success stories, but they are also double-board certified and have received a designation of Fellow from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Suffice it to say, they are the best of the best at what they do. In general, it’s good practice to research your surgeon’s credentials and their history with the procedure you’re most interested in. It’s just good due diligence to know, for example, if the surgeon you’ll be seeing for a nose job is actually proficient in performing rhinoplasty.

Your first cosmetic procedure is something that should be celebrated. But that doesn’t mean it’s abnormal if some fear of the unknown starts to creep in or if you find yourself experiencing pre-op jitters. It’s a big deal having work done for the first time. No one knows that better than your surgeon. Take heart knowing that all the hard work getting you to this point is going to pay dividends in ways you can’t imagine. If you have yet to schedule a consultation with one of our excellent surgeons, please give us a call at 215-503-FACE or schedule one online at We look forward to meeting you!