As advocates of cosmetic surgery, we recognize the importance of taking care of your skin. Everything that we do from injections, to surgery, and everything else in-between is done for the purpose of you loving your own appearance and everything that has to do with your appearance relates back to your skin. Whether you’re interested in cosmetic surgery or not, we can all agree that taking care of your skin, the single largest organ of the body, is paramount to proper self-care.

Things like maintaining a healthy diet, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and avoiding stress do a world of good just on their own merits. But when it comes to moisturizing and protecting yourself from UV rays and all the other little things that are equally important, there are a number of products that we recommend that can really take your skin care game to the next level. Here’s a dive on two of them.


Our affection for Alastin and their products stems in large part to their diligence in developing line after landmark line of skin care products designed with cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists in mind. Their products’ versatility and effectiveness have made them a tried and true brand, able to separate from the pack for their scientific innovation. Their propietary TriHex Technology was developed to optimize the level to which the structure and chemistry of skin cells are regenerated and rejuvenated. The technology helps to further support the production of collagen and elastin, the two most essential proteins in the skin that work to keep it taut and resilient to the effects of aging. The strength of their products make them the ideal companion to your skin following a Jefferson Facial Plastics procedure.


Having received glowing endorsements from such beauty juggernauts as Oprah, Wendy Williams, Cosmpolitan, InStyle Magazine, and many more, PCA SKIN has, for more than twenty-five years, been at the forefront of healthy skin innovation. Their brand is driven by industry leaders at the top of their fields. To PCA, compatibility is of paramount importance. Their aim for their products is to make them with very specific ingredients that work in tandem with the skin and body. This is what ensures the most effective results. They are a brand that cares deeply about reducing their carbon footprint, establishing harmony between our bodies and nature, out of respect for the ingredients plucked from the latter to heal the former. Not every brand can boast such a commitment to balance as far as their ingredients and products are concerned, which makes PCA Skin one of the best on the market.

Pick the Brand That’s Right for You!

Those are just some of the brands that we recommend. Shake up your skin care routine! At Jefferson Facial Plastics we do our best to help your skin turn back the clock and fight the effects of aging, but if you really want to preserve a youthful appearance for as long as you can, a dedication to proper skin care is the best way to start.