There are a lot of reasons people have plastic surgery and everyone has different goals. The biggest goal is people just want to look better. Whether they want to look younger or fix the damage from an injury, the goal is still the same: to improve how they look.

It turns out that most of those who undergo plastic surgery do end up looking much more likeable. The medical journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery released the results of a study that says when women had different procedures performed, people classified them as looking younger, sexier and generally more likeable than those who didn’t undergo plastic surgery.

The study included 110 women and 63 men, who viewed photos of 30 white women. The women in the photos had procedures like face lifts, neck lifts and upper and lower eye lifts. To avoid comparison bias, researchers mixed the before-and-after photos up into different groupings. The photos of the women after having surgery consistently rated higher than the photos of the same women before surgery. Only a handful was actually rated worse after the surgery.

First impressions are still important

Studies have continuously shown that, despite our best efforts, we make snap judgments about people based on their facial looks. For example, features like saggy skin can give the impression one is aggressive or just downright unlikeable. Sometimes the wrinkles around the mouth can give the person a constant “frowning” look.

Something as simple as bags under the eyes can make us look years older than we really are, which is an issue for many because faces that looked older are also viewed negatively. Age bias can become a big problem in areas like those seeking employment, where employers generally look for younger applicants.

On the flip side, facial features like large eyes, smaller noses and chins and high cheekbones give people a youthful appearance. While cosmetic surgery can’t fix every tiny imperfection, even small improvements can make a big difference.

You’re never too old to look young again

Are you worried about the wrinkles around your mouth and eyes? Do you have a double chin? If you’re looking to make yourself appear younger and more approachable, we can help. Call our office for a free consultation – our board certified cosmetic surgeons will give you different options on how to improve the way you look.