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If you undergo any cosmetic procedure, it is likely that the results will affect the way your whole face looks. Typically, these changes are welcomed, as bringing balance to one part of the face often accentuates other, more flattering aspects of your appearance.

When you undergo a rhinoplasty, the way your nose appears on the outside changes due to re-arrangement of the internal bone and cartilage. Your nose is the focal point of your face, serving as the main division of facial symmetry. Therefore, when you undergo a rhinoplasty, it is more than likely than not that the results will have an effect on the way your entire face looks.

Rhinoplasty Promotes Facial Proportionality

When your facial features are proportional, it is more likely that your face will appear to be more slender and classically beautiful.

An experienced professional preparing to perform a rhinoplasty will take into account the proportions of each part of your face in the initial stages of planning a rhinoplasty. This analysis of proportionality, in turn, can serve to help in determining how your nose can be re-sized and re-shaped to be better suited alongside your other beautiful facial features.

Rhinoplasty Can Create Symmetry

A crooked or bumpy nose can be a result of many instances, including injury or misaligned bone structure. Not only can a mis-aligned nose throw off the balance of each side of your face and create an illusion of asymmetry, but it can cause breathing problems and other health concerns.

The more symmetrical your face appears, the more likely you are to be satisfied with your appearance and feel confident in how you look. For those with a curved or mis-aligned nose, rhinoplasty can be performed to re-align the bone structure of the nose and promote facial symmetry.


Rhinoplasty has many benefits that can serve not only to improve the structure and appearance of your nose, but can also promote health and as well a general sense of self-confidence. Schedule a consultation online or call us at 215-503-FACE.

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