There are many procedures out there that are minimally invasive or non-surgical; but you’d probably be surprised to find out that facelifts are still one of the most effective ways to beat the aging process. Sure, facelifts are on the pricey side for many, and the recovery downtime is an inconvenience, but the positive effects received from having a facelift performed outweigh the negatives. And there are many benefits to facelifts, let’s take a look at a few:

A Myriad Of Options to Choose:

While facelift procedures aren’t perfect for everyone; there are many ways that you can have your procedure done. The size and depth of the incisions are completely dependent on how loose your skin is and how much you want it adjusted. Sometimes, your surgeon might focus on repairing single parts of your face or neck with a facelift- like your jowls or mid-face, or even if you have droopiness or wrinkling at the top of your face; often your surgeon would perform these types of lifts simultaneously.

Increased Self Esteem and Long Lasting Results:

Unlike Botox injections or expensive creams and fillers that wear off after three to six months, the effects of surgery are long lasting, sometimes even over a decade. Over 76 percent of patients who had a facelift felt and looked younger more than five years after surgery; and this new found youthfulness will bring with it tons of self esteem and confidence. In a 2013 survey; 500 patients reported much larger amounts of self-esteem and an overall feeling of being more healthy and attractive.

Lifts Sagging Skin Better Than Anything Else:

Botox injections or fillers are designed to treat the appearance of wrinkles, and laser options smooth out skin or reduce sunspots. Facelifts are one of the only procedures that truly tighten both muscles and skin in the facial area. Plus, facelifts affect the look of your face as a whole; targeting the lines between your brows or at the side of your mouth- rejuvenating you all over.

Sometimes, Facelifts Are More Cost Effective Than Other Options:

Facelifts generally are more expensive up front than other options, and they typically aren’t covered by insurance premiums, but it’s still more effective than Botox treatments or other fillers because you only have to pay for the surgery and fees- averaging around $6,500 before fees; however these procedures last for almost a decade and have great results, so it will be the only cost you’re concerned about, whereas injections last only months and cost hundreds each injection; and these costs add up over the long run.

Facelifts are becoming more and more safe and effective as the technology continues to mature, and they generally can provide surprising results that will keep you happy and youthful looking well past supposed “miracle” creams that can cost a fortune or potentially dangerous injections that could have negative side effects. Don’t put your budget or your health in jeopardy, invest in a facelift done by a professional today.